My Name is Rob Williams and I am a professional book cover designer. I have been in the industry for 16+ years now and I have done book covers for authors around the world.

Cover Critique is the first time I am offering my services to help with covers that are older or if you are wondering why your sales could be lacking for a great book. A lot of times I can identify the problem with an old design and give you advice on how this can be fixed though a redesign, marketing and an intensive social media campaign.

The basic order for this Helper Job will help with the following:

  1. Identify problem areas in your book covers design
  2. Does the design match the content of the book?
  3. How does your book cover stack up against the competition?
  4. Is your resolution wrong? or bad?
  5. How often is your stock image used on other book covers?

These along with other areas I can go over with you along with general help on best practices for increasing your sales and getting your book into more readers hands.

With all orders please feel free to contact me directly before you order if you want to chat generally about this service. This is a premium service I offer here on and is unique to the site.

Look forward to hearing from you!