Publishing Helpers is the world’s first marketplace for digital services relating to publishing your book. Our website allows you to preview a vast selection on helpers/freelancers who all offer services to help with your book publishing needs. Orders are placed easily with one click and instantly you are working with a vetted professional. Our services are called “Helper Jobs”.

Signing Up

Signing up for is free. Only registered users can buy and sell on Publishinghelpers. All of our sellers are vetted by our team of editors for quality and their ability to deliver what they promise.

Finding a Helper

You can find hundreds of services on Publishing Helpers by browsing our unique catalog of publishing related categories. You can also use our search engine to narrow down your search to exactly what you need. We are adding new Helper Jobs everyday. You also have the ability to request specific jobs from our community of helpers.

Placing an Order

Once you find a Helper Job you like, click it for more information such as a description of the service, portfolio or samples of work, and pricing. If you have specific questions, we recommend contacting the helper prior to ordering. When you feel you’ve found what you need, simply proceed with placing your order.

Note: All purchases are subject to a 5% service fee, this insures we can operate our platform and  offer the best customer support, while vetting all helpers for quality and the ability to deliver on their jobs.