We value quality work at Publishinghelpers.com Our goal is provide the best possible experience to our sellers and buyers. This starts with you as a seller being able to provide the best possible experience to your buyers. Because we vet our sellers and we guarantee quality this means you can charge a premium for your services and have less competition from sellers who might not be able to provide exactly what they claim.

To submit your Helper Job please fill out every aspect of your order including at least 2 graphics that show examples of your work. Submitting a video about your services putting a personal touch on things will also greatly increase your chances of the Helper Job being approved. After we review the Helper Job our Trust and Safety team will contact via your email and let you know if you have been approved or if more information is required.

If you have been approved your Helper Job will go live immediately.

If you have not been approved the email you receive will have more instructions. Usually this will consist of a questionnaire and a link to provide more examples of your work.

If you are not approved right away please do not get discouraged, most Helper Jobs are not approved the first time as it is very important to us that you can provide the work you claim, once you send the required information and we review everything we will contact you again via email and give you more information.

If you have any questions about the process or the status of your Helper Job, please contact the Trust and Safety team directly.