1. Who We Are

Publishing Helpers is the world’s first website dedicated to helping authors publish their books with micro/small jobs. Our unique Helper Jobs are posted by vetted industry professionals and

2. Why Choose Publishing Helpers?

Publishing Helpers helps you:

  • Build a network of people who can give you feedback for your book.
      • We focus on the User Experience: Everyone is welcome and no question should be left unanswered.
      • Our forums and blogs allow users to submit content, ask questions, and get feedback.
    • Grow your network by meeting with others who share the same passion as you.
    • Vetted authors, editors, designers, publishers and printers.
  • Get your book edited, re-written, formatted, designed and printed.
      • Easy to use: Authors can easily find related services, order and monitor until everything is completed. They can also discuss with sellers to add extra services to match their requirements.
      • High quality providers: Publishing Helpers offers you beautifully-crafted profile page as well as monetizable tool to help sellers attract more buyers.
    • Smooth transactions: Different payment methods and gateways are provided, from USA to EU to Asia.
    • Coming in 2020 print on demand and publishing.
  • A safe & reliable job marketplace platform
      • Trustful reviews: Sellers get review only from Buyers who experience their services.
      • Service reputation: Buy and see the reputation of a Seller in order to find the best fit.
      • Easy order tracking:  We built an interactive Conversation inbox and Dashboard so both Buyers and Sellers can easily track the status of each order.
      • Resolve any dispute: Unique system for resolving disputes consists of admin feedback as well as a voting system by our community.
    • Secured: We make sure your users are always protected with secure login and payment process

3. How It Works

  • Browse your needs

Type your Author needs in search box to get the best results.

  • Pick a Helper Job

Choose from popular Helper Jobs and pick your favorite one.

  • Get it done

4. Who is Publishing Helpers for?

  • We actually care about our helpers

Publishing Helpers was created by a veteran of the publishing and micro-jobs online industry. Having worked directly for one of the biggest online micro-job websites I know the areas in which these websites lack. This “doer” mentality of other websites only applies to their bottom-line, most of the time sellers and creatives are thrown under the bus. Publishing Helpers does not have a leveling system, we don’t offer any incentives to someone who has just joined, or who has been on the site for years. Your work will speak for itself. We vet all of our helpers for quality, this is why we do not need a “Pro” category, all of our Helpers are “Pro”.

If you are tired of levels, tired of being demoted, tired of your gigs extras being locked behind some arbitrary system that you can never get ahead in. Tired of customer support never being in your corner and just tired of paying other sites fee’s of 20-40% of your work, join publishing helpers, our aim is to get more money into your pocket, the only time we will make changes to our platform is for your benefit, period.

  • Our buyers are very important

This site was built from the ground up with both buyers and creatives in mind. This starts with awesome, vetted sellers who can provide you with exactly the service you requested. You don’t have to worry about buying a job just to find out the seller is using stolen artwork or graphics. We don’t allow graphics to be farmed out, everything is created on our site, by our creatives. We also closely monitor every job in progress so that we can insure quality during the whole process.

  • Change the way publishing is done online

Our goal is to fundamentally change the way publishing is currently achieved for independent authors and publishers. Our helpers will help you take the guess work out of getting great work done on your novels, books and publications all while saving you money.