An Amazing cover by Rob Williams at premiumbookcovers

Book covers are a VERY important part of the process of getting a book to print. Too many times independent authors will settle for a Canva creation, something they put together, or a template cover. Your book cover should be as special as the words inside of it. You have to remember that the book cover is the first aspect of your work that will catch someones eye. It doesn’t matter how good the writing is, if you don’t have an amazing cover wrapping it. There are VERY few authors who can get away with a sub-par or plain cover and this is mostly because they are a known entity.

Publishing Helpers was designed from the ground up to provide a solution for authors who are sick of the run around. So many times as a designer I would get a messaged like, you do great graphic design, but do you know a formatter, an illustrator or someone that could just help me in general to get my book published? Do you know where the best place to print a book would be and how much that would cost?

All of these questions along with advice and a GREAT cover are available here on

The site is still in beta and a work in progress, any questions can be forwarded to