One of the biggest decisions an author will make is whether to publish one’s book as an indie author or to publish traditionally, using a publishing house.  There are pros and cons to both, and it is a personal decision based on what will suit the author’s needs the best.  As traditional publishing has become more demanding and difficult, more and more authors are choosing to publish independently.  

If you choose to publish independently, here are some important tips to remember:

-Don’t let your enthusiasm to be a published author cause you to rush through the process.  This is a common mistake that new authors make.  As a result, they end up with a published book that  lacks a polished, professional look.

-Don’t equate the amount of money you spend with the end product you get.  Many independent authors are under the mistaken idea that they must spend a lot of money to get the editing, typesetting, and covers they desire.  This is simply not true.  Authors have paid hundreds of dollars for a cover that comes from a template, and authors who have paid much less have gotten original, one of a kind covers.  Taking the time to do a little research before hiring someone is essential to having a quality product.

-Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can edit and proofread your book yourself.  It is an absolute must to have someone else edit your book.  After that person edits it, have someone else have a look at it as well.  Many authors have done all of the editing themselves only to publish a book that is filled with spelling and grammatical errors.  This happens because your brain has memorized the words that are supposed to be in your book.  Your brain will actually overlook obvious errors because it sees the version that is supposed to be there.

-Don’t assume a published book equals sales.  Sales only come through effective marketing.  If your sales are lacking, it does not mean your book is not a good one.  It means you need to find better ways to market your book.